Pharmacy Retail and Distribution Software

After a thorough analysis of the requirements of a pharmacy management, we have partitioned the Inspire Pharmacy Software in to 6 major modules - Master, Purchase, Sales, Accounts, Stock and Administration

  • Master
  • Purchase
  • Sales
  • Stock
  • Accounts
  • Administration


In the Account Module, all the cash transaction in the Pharmacy management software will be automatically reflected in the cash book, general ledger and trial balance. Our pharmacy management software UAE can also provide you with the attractive option of having the cashbook details on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis as required.

This package would also relieve you of the tedious task of maintaining various accounts.
  • Sales details and maintenance
  • Stock Register
  • Supplier's Ledger: Keeps a track of the various cash transactions between the pharmacy and its suppliers
  • Daybook/Ledger/Balance Sheet


Administration module helps the systems Administrator to be able to control the whole transactions in Pharmacy. In Inspire Pharmacy Software can add a new Supplier or Manufacturer in each section of pharmacy management software. He will be able to control the access for each user. The administrator of pharmacy software will be able to modify the cost of all the products and even to adjust the stock with proper verification. The income expenditure ratio of each of your transactions through Inspire Pharmacy Software) would keep your fingers on the pulse of your Pharmacy's finances.A complete dossier of all your Suppliers with all relevant information over- and- above their Personal and Business data will be available to you in a minute. It would give you information of their Cash/Credit transactions, Supplied products, Purchase returns etc.Our package would also enable you to have a complete data on all referral cases. i.e., if any other Pharmacy/ Doctor has referred any cases to your Pharmacy and vice-versa.

  • Stock Purchase
  • Store issues &receipts
  • Gift or donation of stock
  • Automatic re-order level settings
  • Direct stock entry
  • Automatic tax calculation
  • Automatic tax statements
  • Stock purchase through enquiry
  • Purchase requisitions form automatic purchase order sub stores & its management generation
  • Invoice verification
  • Invoice management
  • Damage or expiry medicine returns
  • Purchase return claim
  • Medicine issues (internal) handling
  • Medicine return (internal) handling