Mess Management System

Mess Management System is one kind of Human Resource Management System.It will hold everything of any Hostel/Mess Management Count Down.It will Help you to keep your Management system in History.People can use this system if he/ she wants to make his life easier when he/she stays with any large Hostel/Mess management System..


•It will be used for Hostel / Mess Meal management

•ItLogin System is used only for the The managers..So it is so secured / Guest mode are also available.But Guest cant override any of counting

•Offline database has used

•Dashboard Give you the whole query buttons & information's of mess members meal systems

•Report system with bar graph & pie chart

•Print your whole Database which has created automatically

•User will get notifications when any update will be occurred in system

•Admin History is available in this system,Admin can get the whol