Payroll and Human Resources

Inspire Human Resource Management System offers a complete HR & Payroll Software solution for the organization, it provides organized tracking and instant access to critical employee data. Inspire HR & Payroll Software Solutions in Dubai, UAE, Dubai is used by businesses all over the globe. Its helps you manage the Employee details, Leaves, Shifts & Payroll. Our HR & Payroll Software Solutions in Dubai, UAE, Dubai could be used to combine many Human Resource Department functions. Our HR & Payroll Software Solutions in Dubai, UAE, Dubai is designed for easy use & managing capability.

Inspire HR & Payroll Software Solutions has Human Resource modules suitable for small, medium & business enterprises. Are you worried about the cost of HR & Payroll Software Solutions in Dubai, UAE, Dubai. Moreover, we offer our HRMS Software at affordable price modules. Our HR & Payroll Software Solutions in Dubai, UAE, Dubai are made with an easy to use interface as well as an adaptable Software dashboard. Our HR & Payroll Software Solutions in Dubai, UAE, Dubai allows for better Human Resource Department reporting & engagements for businesses.

MULTI USERS & MULTI COMPANIES, the system supports multi users and multi companies
EMPLOYEE FILE, the employee file maintains the data effectively through a single form by providing all related information. It includes the employee photo, Personal info, contact info, identification info, job related info, Allowances, Deductions, Leaves, Asset belongings, Employee Dependents and general information.
MASTER FILE, the system also keeps the list of files like, Department, Designation, Nationality, Sponsor, Blood Group, Religion, Country, State, City, Passport Place, and Employee Status etc.
EMPLOYEE STATUS, the system keeps the employee status like Present, On Vacation, Jumped, Returned/ Cancelled, outside worker, and Permitted outside.
PASSPORT PLACE, the system keeps the passport place information whether this is in Office, with Employee, or with PRO.
ALLOWANCE HISTORY, the system keeps the allowances history. The hike/ change in the allowances can set to the system and it can be go through an approval level. System has an easy option to add allowances and could be revised it any no. of times.
EMPLOYEE DEDUCTIONS, deduction details can be set to the system. It can be one time for a particular month or periodically until reach a goal amount. For one time deductions like penalty or telephone, the user can book the deduction when it happens, and the system will deduct it during salary process automatically. For recurring deductions, the user can set a goal amount, and can specify the monthly deduction amount. System also has option to stop or override this deduction for a particular month through approval. 
REMINDERS, the system handles reminders. The user will be reminded for expiry, to do things, etc. The parameter setup facility allows the administrator to set the reminder type applicable to the selective users and the no. of days (before or after) from expiry for reminders. The reminder reviews can be recorded as a reference to the next upper level person. The proper action should be taken against reminders, in failure; the remainder will be generated to the next upper level to control his work.  
LEAVE APPLICATION, the system allows to initiate a leave application and this document will pass to the next level for approval. The parameter setup facility allows the administrator to prepare a document flow for approval. For example, Leave Application will go to Personnel Manager from Initiator, then to Finance Manager, and Managing Director respectively.
DOCUMENT PASSING, the system allows the authorized user to sign and pass the document to next level for approval by typing a proper memo. The document passing also allows to return the document if any corrections. 
AUTO ALERT, the system can alert the respective user if any document is pending with him for approval. This alert will be generated automatically, even though the user is not logged in to H.R and Payroll system.
DOCUMENT FLOW, the system keeps the document flow info with the details like passed date and time, returned date and time if it is returned to the lower level and memos.
LEAVE SETTLEMENT, this document can be prepared if the leave application is approved. The system calculates the employee eligible leave due days and amount liable to the employee as per Qatari labor law. Then user can settle the leave using the options like with current month salary or leave settlement without leave. This document can be gone through document approvals.
EMPLOYEE REJOIN, the system allows the entries related to the employee rejoin after vacation with delayed days, if any. The system setup allows this document passing through an approval level.
EMPLOYEE INTERNAL TRANSFERS, the system allows the entries related to the employee transfers in between sister companies or branches.
LEAVE HISTORY, the system keeps the leave details entered through leave assign document or generated during the leave settlement document. The leave type includes Annual Leave, Leave without pay, Leave Extension, Medical Leave, and Overstay.
REPORT TOOL, to allow facilities like – Selection of fields the user wants to display, change of field position, field width adjustment, page settings, Field wise sorting, and Field Caption/ data changes if the user has rights, etc.
SEARCH ENGINES for important / frequently accessing details of employee through quick accessing methods.
DOCUMENT RIGHTS, the system allows the administrator to control its rights to add/ edit/ delete/ view/ print the certain documents and reports.
PAPER LESS, the administrator can set up a document flow for any of the document and signing can be done through system process. The document can be printed at the final stage of approval, which contains the person’s signature with passing date and time.
SECURED FROM UNAUTHORISED ACCESS, the system master files, documents and reports are secured through privileges like Add/Edit/Delete/View/Print. The administrator can manage these privileges through utilities section. For example, if the system requires restrict to one user for viewing of employee details only and no other files, documents and reports, the system allows this option.
UTILITIES, the system allow this section for administrator to control the system parameters and privileges. It includes – User Groups, Users, User Modules, User Companies, User Reminders, User Document Flow, User Group wise privileges, System Log, and system parameter values.
FLOW-THROUGH AND INTEGRATED TO ACCOUNTS, to enable the system to operate as a true-relational database system capable of on line or batch posting (through Approvals) of transactions from Payroll to control its accounts.  This characteristic will be available to ensure reconciled values of reports in relation to its detailed posting of entries.
EMPLOYEE RECEIVABLE, the system keeps the employee receivable details, which will be shown automatically during Monthly Salary document.
GENERAL LEDGER POSTING, the system allows the Finance Manager to approve all the accounts related documents through G.L Posting. The major documents include – Monthly Salary, Salary Transfer to Bank, and Leave Settlement, etc.
DROP DOWN FACILTY, the system allows the drop down view of details that enables the user a better reporting experience.
OPEN AND CUSTOMIZABLE, the system is open and can be customizable at any point of transaction.
RESTRICTED, the system is restricted to follow the correct flow of documents and that enable the user to avoid mistakes. For example, Monthly salary can be prepared after Attendance sheet and once Monthly salary is finished, the user can’t change the Attendance sheet.
PAYROLL, the system keeps the documents – Attendance Sheet, Monthly Salary Preparation, Salary Transfer to Bank, Pay slip etc.
ATTENDANCE SHEET, The system allows setting of absent / sick. The Employee Info shows the absent details if any absent.
MONTHLY SALARY, in this document, the system shows the allowances deductions automatically by deducting absent or leave if any exists. The system auto checks the present employees and salary will be automatically displayed with pre-defined allowances and deductions. The overtime amount will be calculated and displayed, if any Overtime hours entered.
SALARY TRANSFER, the document shows the list of employees with Bank Account no and amount generated automatically based on the employee master file values. The print out can be send to bank as a memo for salary transfer.
PAYSLIP, the system generates the pay slip automatically after monthly salary preparation and can be printed out.