Are you in need of a GPS Vehicle Tracking System for your Company or business organization?

If your business is operating with a number of vehicles and you wish to improve the efficiency and safety of those vehicles, and have a need to reach the desired destination in an efficient and effective method, then we at adax can provide the perfect vehicle tracking solution for your business in Doha, Qatar and UAE. Our Truck tracking solutions helps companies keep tabs on their vehicles and their driver’s whereabouts, so they can better maximize these assets to optimal productivity. This helps reduce fuel waste, improve the vehicle maintenance practices and provide a positive customer service to end user. The GPS Car tracking system provides a variety or features and choices available to the use that helps improve the quality of tracking.

When you know the “when,” “where” and “why” of your vehicles and employees, you can manage a better business at a lower cost.

The GPS Mapping Software

Our GPS Vehicle management software uses Google Maps, which provides the most accurate technology and reliability data that can be process and generate various reports to help improve the efficiency of the organization. Managing a smart business requires these advanced tracking systems and solutions, allowing you to closely monitor your company’s employees, vehicles and inventory to derive the optimal productivity from your assets. The GPS Tracking mobile software and application, ensures the fact that you can break the chains associated with PC-only based software. Helping you track your company’s assets using your mobile phone, and receive real-time updates wherever you go.

Flexible Reporting Generation

Our vehicle tracking software offers a detailed reporting that contributes significantly to improved business operations. The feature rich software is able to generate advanced reporting tools that allows you to monitor your vehicles’ activity and trends, keeping track of employees and company assets 24/7 wherever you go. Monitoring of the performance of your vehicles enables you to better maintain the vehicles, reducing wear and tear. The tracking of these vehicles and reports generated can present idle time of every driver, this ensure better utilization of resources. These reports can be made available in various formats, from Ms word, excel to Adobe PDF.